Electric Transmission and Distribution

Find the needle in the haystack before it fails

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Managing Risk and Building Resilience

Identify and mitigate failure threats before they disrupt service and impact your bottom line.


Use Case

Vegetation and Wildfire Prevention

Get ahead of storm and fire threats

Know which poles and lines need mitigation before climate events trigger failure. Analyze fire break clearances to mitigate wildfire risk and comply with safety regulations like California’s PRC 4292 & 4293.

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Wildfire Prevention

Use Case

Up-to-date Asset Inventories

Reconcile records with the reality of assets in the field

Optimize planning and response for emergent threats by pushing geolocation and status updates to GIS.

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Assets Recording

Use Case

Asset Health Monitoring

Maximize uptime and extend value of aging assets

Get the data you need to accurately predict failures, events and outcomes.

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Vegetation Management

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