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Transform Visual Data into Business Intelligence


Intel Insight is a complete platform-as-a-service solution for deploying and operating geovisual intelligence applications for the electric transmission & distribution and commercial underwriting industries. Enterprise customers and partners can build their own custom solutions by harnessing the platform’s open, geovisual data management and AI tools.

How it works


The first step in the geovisual analytics workflow is identifying the types and sources of all the geovisual data you need. Whether the geovisual data you need comes from public sources, commercial sources, or from a variety of different devices, Intel Insight makes it easy to bring it all together. Insight supports many different kinds of geovisual data, including satellite data, LiDAR, drone-based RGB data, and even terrestrial data from companies like Intel’s Mobileye.



Once your geovisual data sources and types are identified, Intel Insight make it easy to gather it all together in a flexible, secure and scalable environment – the Intel Insight “Geovisual Data Lake.” To upload data into the data lake, users can simply point the data acquisition tool at the source of their geovisual data, and it will automatically get transferred into the data lake. With all your geovisual data consolidated in the data lake, it can be managed, enriched, and prepared for running analytics.



Now that all the geovisual data lives in a unified environment, users can run AI-power analytics to extract business insight. The Intel Insight Platform provides the tools and pre-define recipes to deploy and run AI-powered geovisual analytics at scale, with human-in-the-loop optimization to ensure the accurate results. After running AI, the platform provides reporting and visualizations of the results, so you can share mission-critical geovisual insights with team stakeholders.



Geovisual insights are valuable on their own, but they achieve their true power in the context of the enterprise systems that help run your business. Intel Insight Platform provides APIs and connectors to integrate geovisual intelligence into GIS, EAM and ERP workflow ensuring the most up-to-date reporting on the health and status of critical assets. With this new layer of valuable information, companies can better manager and optimize their asset and infrastructure portfolios.

Industries using Intel Insight platform

Electric T&D


Commercial Underwriting