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Intel Insight Platform provides up-to-date, AI-powered visualization of assets and infrastructure for integration with enterprise planning and management systems.



Industry Solutions

Electric T&D

Electric Transmission & Distribution

Smarter risk assessment, better performance and resilience

Commercial Underwriting

Commercial Insurance Property Risk

Reduce loss ratios, increase margins, and optimize terms and conditions


Latest News

July 1, 2020

Demo Video:
AI Powered Visual Inspection

This demonstration walks through an inspection use case for fire risk assessment. We run AI-powered component inventory and vegetation encroachment analysis from UAV inspection data, then integrate the results into EAM systems for work order management. Request a demo today.

June 4, 2020

Demo Video:
Vegetation Management

Watch how easy it is to run AI on satellite and manned aircraft datasets to identify encroachment risk then export those results to GIS or EAM. Request a demo today.